colorotate – The World of Colors in 3D

A realy cool Service to discover the World of Colors on the Web.

What is ColoRotate?
ColoRotate was set into motion by Michael Douma, the executive director of the Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement. He brought together a team of programmers, designers, and other creative people from around the world to develop ColoRotate.

Intuitive: In 3D, you can quickly see the multidimensional nature of your colors and the relationships between colors in a way that matches how your eye and brain perceive color.


    What makes ColoRotate innovative?
    Usually, choosing color on computers is a drab experience. It requires an understanding of color theory and its related concepts like luminescence, saturation, and brightness. This was (and is) almost exclusively the realm of graphic design artists and those with an innate sense of color. For the vast majority of users however, choosing a color is a tedious and often unrewarding process. Palettes are either too simplistic, with a limited choice of colors, or too complex, requiring at least an appreciation of color models and how color works in the RGB (red, green, blue) spectrum. A proper understanding of color and its application is a core competency in itself.

    ColoRotate removes the conventional complexity in color selection on computers. Based on the HSL 3D color model, ColoRotate is more intuitive and easier to use than traditional computer palettes. At a glance, users can see color relationships that in turn enable them to develop an aesthetic balance in color selection.

    Who can use ColoRotate?
    ColoRotate was developed with professional graphic designers and artists in mind, but even amateurs can utilize the tool. Users do not need any theoretical understanding of color systems nor any expertise in color selection (other than their normal sense of aesthetics). ColoRotate is an open, three dimensional color space that allows users to traverse over colors of various intensities. Color selection is simply a matter of navigating the color space until one adjusts the hue and tint to the exact level required. There are no color combinations or numbers to be memorized or written down. Everything is intuitive.

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