Testing MailChimp

Last Week I tested the Newsletter Marketing Tool “MailChimp.com”. I never had the chance to create a Newsletter before, so I was very exited about it.

Testing MailChimp

I think that you didn’t now,  that I’m a Trainee in a Advertising Agency in Switzerland. (Gonna ad a “About” Site soon.) Yesterday my Boss came to me and said: “Chris could you create a Newsletter Template and also search a “newsletter Service” to dispatch it. With a coffee on my desk I went on a big Web/Forum/Google journey.

Important: Maybe you noticed that my English isn’t the best… That’s because I normally talk German.. But I see this project as a chance to learn better English! So please write a comment if you see a Spelling fail! :) Would be awesome Thanks!


Job: Search a Newsletter Marketing Tool


  • For small clients 500-2000 E-Mail
  • Easy to use
  • God price-performance ratio

I found plenty such Websites. I decided to take a better Look at one of them: Mailchimp.com. They have a cool Monkey ;) and over 80’000 Users. And some popular Companies use Mailchimp: FireFox, Media Temple, Intel…

We Value Fun Pretty Highly At Mozilla

“To make a long story slightly shorter, MailChimp passed a long and detailed list of requirements with flying colors. Most importantly, however, is that MailChimp makes all of this kinda fun, and we value fun pretty highly at Mozilla. We also like monkeys. A lot.

– Deb Richardson, Mozilla

I was Impressed! and signed-up for a Free Account!

Mailchimp is really easy to use:

1: Create a List

Import your E-Mail List. For testing I added my Business mail, Hotmail, and my greatcreativelinks.com Mail.

2: Create your Mail Template

So now comes the fun part :) . Mailchimp gives you tonnes of options to design your Mail Template online. But I decided to create my own HTML & CSS Template, and upload it later.

3: (if you decide to create your Newsletter with HTML & CSS

You can code your Newsletter like a normal Website. But don’t forget that its a Mail! Don’t write tonnes of articles. Keep it small and clean.

4: Upload your self made Template on mailchimp

Pack your Folder into a .zip File and upload it – simple :)

5: Chose your, on step 1 created List, and hit the next Button

6: Send your Newsletter – yeah!


Mailchimp is great for Newsletter dispatch. You don’t have to be a Designer or have gknowledge in HTML. But on the other side, you can customize your Newsletter with HTML. I can’t wait to Design Newsletters! :)


What do you think?

I’m only a Trainee… But what for experiences do you have with Newsletters? Tips?

About The Author: chris

About The Author
Hi my name is Chris, i'm a 18 year old Webdesign Student from Switzerland. I run the Design Blog Inspirebit.com You can Stalk me on Twitter @_collard

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