Monopoly City Streets

Today should be the Day when should launch. OK they launched. But their Servers were soooo slow that most people couldn’t play not even get on the Website. The Game had so much Publicity in several Newspapers, they new that many People will check out the game.


Monopoly City Streets- Intro

    What People said

    Sable said…
    You know if everyone misses buying their street because you have been incapable of keeping your servers up you will lose a lot of interest right off the bat.

      Jon Willis said…
      Im losing interest already, your only going to get more people, so i cant see the service getting much better. And i love monopoly too :(

        Christopher Hooper said…
        100% Fail.

          JCC said…
          I agree, there is only going to be more people trying the site. You should have done a soft launch. Why bother with all the media publicity? This is embarrassing.

            Justin said…
            all Manhattan famous streets taken…. stupid lag prevented me from buying anything

              Hopefully solve the server Problems in the next hours.



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