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I had the chance to talk with the upcoming Swiss Photographer Veikko.

So Veikko, tell us something about you?

Now, I am to be become rather close before it 30 years old. My father is Swiss and my mother is from Finland. Therefore I visit the high north until twice in the year. Although Finland for me an indescribable fascination exercises up to now Switzerland however faithfully remained and work for over 10 years in the grafic industry with field treatment of pictures. Go away for some time I very gladly in Switzerland and surrounding countries and wanted begun the beautiful landscapes of this earth for me also in the form of purposeful photography’s to hold.

How did you get into photography?

The photography interests me already for a long time. Since this area relatively close is because of my occupation of the picture manipulation, I invested in the year 2008 into a new photo equipment and take for this year photographs amateur moderate.

How do you decide on locations & subjects?

It happens mostly very spontaneously. But i noticed that i like to take Images of landscapes. Now I’m planing to make regularly City trips in Switzerland or abroad over as contrast to it for city photography. I go usually not specifically toward a Sujet, but photograph which me straight for the moment met.

What sort of equipment do you use?

I’m using Sony Equipment. I made all photos on my homepage up to now with the model alpha 350. In addition I use a Objektiv 18-200mm and for the landscape photographs since July a Tele Zoom objective to 400mm. For these photographs I use by the majority a remote release, so that I lose if possible little by a blurring at sharpness.

Can you show us your favourite Image ever?

A difficult Question. I acualy don’t have a favourite Image, I like  all :) .  I can say however that I in each case selected a favorite on my side as prelude photo for the topics. Perhaps you can make a conception if you have Time.


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Also check out Veikko’s Website

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