Monday Morning Inspiration #15

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Tokyo Fantasy: Post-apocalyptic Tokyo --

Shibuya - found on

Tokyo Fantasy: Post-apocalyptic Tokyo --

Akihabara - found on

Tokyo Fantasy: Post-apocalyptic Tokyo --

Shinjuku- found on

Generationen im Blick -

Voetbalstadion -


Stereo Realism series by Janne Rasimus (Link via

Erwin Wurm - Fat Porsche

Sculptures by Erwin Wurm - found on

Erwin Wurm - House Attack

House Attack (2006) - found on

BVD - Shapy

BVD - Blossa

Event Brand

Event Brand - from graphicdesignblog

Neonic Evolution Limited CCTV

Neonic Evolution Limited CCTV - - from graphicdesignblog

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About The Author
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