Friday Tech #1

Welcome to the First Friday tech #1. Every Friday I’ll show you some special things from the IT-World. They will be funny, unbelievable or just crazy. If you read such a article on the web, and you think that’s one for the Friday Tech, send us the Link and we will bring it in the next Friday tech. But now let’s start.

The Windows 7 Whopper



Everybody knows that Microsoft launched his new PC-System: Windows 7. As support for Windows 7, Burger King created a special Burger. It’s called the “Windows 7 Whopper” and weighs 770 grams, 13 centimeters high, and contains 2120 calories. A normal men should eat between 2’000 and 3’000 calories per day, so I think most people are full after that crazy burger . Unfortunately the burger was only sold in Japan and the campaign ended at the 28 of October.

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800 euros for a mouse


Awesome Mouse

The Titanium ID. They constructed a mouse with titan surface. The mouse simple it has two buttons, a wheel and connect per Bluetooth with the PC. I think it looks nice, but who pays 800 Euro for a simple Mouse, when he can buy a new Macbook for 900 euros ?

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Overclocking Record


Screen Shot

You know the problem when you start a new program or when you’re opening a big file. After endless minutes the file finally opened. The problem with big files and new Programs is, that the processor  isn’t fast enough. Normal people have a processor with two cores and each one have 3 GHZ, so you have totally about 6 GHZ. But now a crazy Japanese had overclocked his processor with one core from 3,33 to 8.1 GHZ ! I think he doesn’t like to wait and so overclocked his PC. :) Crazy

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The Car Finder App


Car Finder

Lost your car? Parked it in the desert and forgot where exactly? Then check out the new App for the IPhone 3GS The Program notices where you parked your car. So when you are on your way back, you can look at the display and hold the IPhone in front of your face and then the App shows you we’re you’ll find your Car :) .Unfortunately it works only with the iPhone 3GS. For 79 Cent a really got App for everyone who has a car, and loses it sometimes ;)

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About The Author
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