Friday Tech #2

Welcome to the second Friday Tech. This episode is all about the Gamer-world, the Apple world and last but not least we’ll show you a old tool in a new version.

MW2-BestOf14Call of duty modern warfare 2
Maby You know, last week the new Call of Duty got in stores. Allegedly at the first Day, they sold over 4.7 Million Copies. Blizzard talks about 310 Million US-Dollar Turnover in the first days. I had played the first part and it was a great game but the second part don’t bring anything new things so i don’t think I buy it even if the screenhots looks so great.  Source & More Information

IMac touch ?

“Impossible” you think? If apple has showed a new IMac, you would heard about it. That is right but it’s possible. The US- Company Troll Touch upgrads your “normal” Mac to a Mac touch. If you have an IMac, you can buy a slipcover Modul and install it at home. Macbook owners must send their Macintosh at factory for the upgrad. A great Idee but it is very expensive. The Upgrade cost between 900 and 1200 US Dollar, to much for normel people.  Source & More Information or on 3.5

It once started as a replacement for the Windows paint program Paint, and works its way up into a full-fledged graphics program. Now releases already his Version 3.5. At the new Version 3.5, the program learned to work with levels like a professional Paint.Net-Screenshotsoftware and with the new Desgin it’s looks perfect in Windows 7. So it is a great alternative for people who don’t like to buy a professional software for a lot of money.

Source & More Information

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About The Author
Silvan is a Sport Student living in Switzerland, in the same City like Chris. He writes the “Friday Tech” Serie. His personal Portfolio is coming soon.

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