Friday Tech #3

Welcome to the third episode of the Friday Tech Season. This Episode is about the smallest Notebook of world, some new Toys from Google and at the End I’ll show you something about a Touch PC. But now let’s start yay.

The smallest Notebook of World

As Steve Jobs launched the Mac Book Air early this Year, all Geek’s were so exited about it. These Days there several thin Notebooks on the Market.  The hardest rival from Apple was or is Dell and now for the second time Dell shows us a new Variate of the smallest Notebook of the world. It’s only between 9,7  and 10,4mm thin and weighs about 1,44 Kg. The hardware is okay, with a Intel Core 2 Duo(1.4 GHz), an X4500-Graphics, 4GB RAM and the new Windows 7 as OS, it is not very fast but for writing, surfing or watching DVDs/Blu-ray it is good enough. The Rest of the Equipment is like other Notebook, a Webcam, Bluetooth WLAN etc. The Notebook has only two Weaknesses. It has not an Optical drive for DVDs and his battery works only for 2.5 hours. But for the last problem Dell had found a solution, you can change the battery while the Notebook is running and the optional Batteie works for about 5 hours. I think this is a good alternative for People, who don’t like to have a Mac or like to tap on an obliquely Keyboards… More Stuff & Information at

A other new Touchscreen PC

Last week I showed you the iMac with the Update to an iMac-touch, this week I write about a PC from Asus who doesn’t need an Update. The new Eee Top is also a “All-in-one-Pc”  with a 22-Zoll Touchscreen Surface. But it wouldn’t be fair if we compare the iMac and the Eee top. They are to different. While the iMac has a very strong hardware (with an  3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor) and costs about 1.100 Dollars, the Eee top costs only about 700 US $ and has “only” an Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 2.1 GHz. But for watching DVD/Blu-ray ‘s it’s good enough and as special the 16:9 Widescreen is HD-ready so you can enjoy your Videos very well. Additionally it will be very interesting to see, how the new Windwos 7  in reality works with Touchscreen-PCs. The Screenshots from Asus looks nice and if it works like they told, it will be great, but I’m a bit skeptical, because it’s the first Touchscreen OS and that’s normal not very good. But the iMac and the Eee top have two things together, they both have a Webcam and they look amazing. More Stuff & Information at

Asus EeeTop (ET2203T)

Asus EeeTop (ET2203T)

The new Google Toys

Part 1: Subtitles

Everyone watches sometimes a Channel on Youtube. But for people who don’t understand very well english or children who don’t understand any english, it’s often very hard. For such people Google now invented a new Setting. With a click on Setting they can start now the subtitles and with another click the subtitles are on their language. It works most times very well, but sometime  it works also quite bad but it’s better to understand a littel bit, than to understand nothing. With another new analogical Programm you can upgrade your old videos with Subtitels. You only need to have the whole spoken text. Youtube syncs then them with the Video. I like new the Setting. Because when I now watch an english Channels on Youtube, I will understand each word. Later the Program will support all languages, so then english speaking person can watch german Channels ;) .  More stuff & Information at

Part 2: The new Pic-Search “image swirl”

You know the Problem: you are writing a Post, a homework or something like that and then you need a pic, nothing special but you need a pic. Then you go on Google and search a pic, but Google found not only one pic, Google had found about 100’000 pics and the most of them are looking very equally, so you spend a lot of time to find a good pic. For such cases Google invented a new “Search-Program”: Image swirl. If you there search a pic, Google shows you again 100’000 of Results, but if you now click on a pic, the page changes his look to a “mind-map-look”. Similar pics are now around the pic, which you had clicked before and so you find faster the sort of Pic you need. Unfortunately it still works only with about 200.000 Pic. More Stuff & Information at or

Image Swirl

Image Swirl

About The Author: silvan

About The Author
Silvan is a Sport Student living in Switzerland, in the same City like Chris. He writes the “Friday Tech” Serie. His personal Portfolio is coming soon.

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