Friday Tech #4

Hey everyone, welcome to the 4 Episode of Friday tech. It was a boring week in the IT world so this time I only show you some things for the Iphone. I hope the next week will be better.

The new Worm Wriggles for the Jailbroken iPhones

For Users with a hack Iphone early the month came out a new Worm, called Ikee. But this one is a easy one, he “only” bombarded its victims with images of an ’80s pop singer. The latest worm, who came out, called “Duh”, on the contrary is very serious he hacks iPhones for stealing bank files. “This is one of the first, if not the first, mobile botnets ever,” Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure, told MacNewsWorld. “It clearly shows that the more criminal elements are entering the mobile space and targeting mobile phones.” More attacks targeting jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches may surface soon. “The problem with the security of jailbroken iPhones is, that the Skript of the program so well-known is. And so it would be a surprise if we didn’t see any more malware targeting the platform,” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos. An other Problem is, that Apple won’t work with any antivirus vendors. But this vendors need Apple for made the Iphoe safer. Unfortunately Apple don’t see security as a problem because there are none Apple viruses before… A very interesting articel about Worms for jailbroken iPhone is on …

The new “Mbrace” App for Mercedes owner

In the past we had need a key if we would start or open our Cars, then someone invent the Wireless key. In the future we will open our cars with our mobile phones. Next year Mercedes and the American mobile firm Hughes Telematics bring out a App for the Iphone (it works with the Blackberry from RIM too) for opening and closing your Mercedes. But opening and closing is not all what you can do with this App. It helps you to find your Car if you lose it on a big parking and the “Alarm-Notifications” is very helpfull if your car gets stolen. So I thinks it a nice Tool, but it costs about 280 Dollars to much for normel people, but for people who have a Mercedes… More Informations & Stuff at

I hope you enjoyed the short Episode and I see you next week at the fifth episode. Cheers, Silvan

About The Author: silvan

About The Author
Silvan is a Sport Student living in Switzerland, in the same City like Chris. He writes the “Friday Tech” Serie. His personal Portfolio is coming soon.

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