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To regular visitors to this site, you will have noticed that we make changes from time to time. We are always looking for improvements. For some weeks now we have been thinking about ways to move the site to another level and to a wider audience. The decision was made to re-brand and re-name the site. Now, the changes have been made and the site is now:

With your help, I am also really trying to get more quality Articles onto the Website! So, don’t be shy, start sending in your articles and contribute to value of the site for all our benefit. And, to make it you while, for every Published Article we pay direct to your PayPal Account! More Information Here!

Thanks to all visitors, all ReTweeters, all Followers & and Merry Christmas All!

PS: The old Domain will be kept alive as an Alias!

About The Author: chris

About The Author
Hi my name is Chris, i'm a 18 year old Webdesign Student from Switzerland. I run the Design Blog You can Stalk me on Twitter @_collard

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