The Evolution of Popular Brand Logos

Hello everybody !  This post is about logos, we see them all the time. For example on mobile phone, on cars, in TV and not at last on clothes. Some people pay a lot of money for a T-shirt with a special Logo on it. But what exactly is a Logo? A Logo is a sign, which stands for a company or a products. Okey, we all know this, but I think a Logo is more. We connect to logo more than to the product the company. We connect them with a Live-style, Sport or even with History. And this is what I like to show you, not any kind of logo. I want to show you some important or special logos and then I will show you how they changed their look over the years. It was hard but at last I found some really interesting stuff.  But let us finally start. The first Logo – Microsoft and the OS Windows.

Microsoft Windows

The Logo of Windows is very well known all over the world. At the beginning, we connect Windows with the progress, it was something Magic. Almost all of the first personal computer  worked with this OS and so it changed the life of thousands of people. But it lost his Magic with time. Today we connect the Windows OS with Hardware-Problems, heavy office work and waiting for a Programs. I work with Windows and the windows Vista  gave me some sleepless nights but the new Windows 7 is perfect even if it doesen’t look so nice like the snow leopard from Apple. 2000 server -logowindows_xpWindowsVistaLogo_101235416749_windows7_logo_newswindows98od1windows-logo-readerszone_3964Windows7Wallpaper


All people know the nike logo but only a few know the story about his emergence although it’s a very intessting story. In 1971 Carolyn Davidson created the nike-logo for Philip Knight. Philip Knight was speaking with a other person and Carolyn Davidson heard it by chance. She  needed money so she told him shes gona do some sketches. Philip Knight did’nt really like the Swoosh (so is the Logo without the “nike” called), he sayed: “I can’t say that I love the logo, but maybe it will grow in heart. Carolyn Davidson selled it for only 35 Dollars after she worked 2 years for the nike company.

12 years later, in September 1983, Carolyn Davidson received a phone call and was invited to a staff meeting for old employee. When she arrived, she was greeted with a large reception,a received a gold Swoosh ring with a diamond, a certificate and shares of the company Nike. On the value of shares is still speculation. Previous the Swoosh which stands for the wing of the goddess “nike” stays everytime in connection with the lettering “nike”. Since it is so famous, it often stands alone as a symbol for a perfect appearance or an perfect athlete like usain bolt or Roger Federer. 



The Apple logo has a close connection to the Name of the Company. But not only to the Company, it’s one of the logo which stands for more. We connect it with a life-style, with perfect design, with cleanness and not at last with money. However that’s not all. We all know the logo today, it’s a bitten apple, but the first Logo of Apple wasn’t an apple. It was a picture, which looks like a very old “Engraving”. On this Engraving  a person is sitting under a Tree while he or she reads a book. If we look carefully, we can see the Apple in the branches of the tree and around the picture the lettering: “Apple computer co”. As the people saw this logo they didn’t like it and so the Company gave it back for a “Redesign”  and so Regis McKenna created the Apple new.. Since then the Logo changed his look only a little bit.


About The Author: silvan

About The Author
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