“The Page Can’t Be Found” Coolest Error 404 Pages In Web Design

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If you have a broken link on your website or the pages then visitors will get an internal error message from the server, which don’t exist any longer, have moved to a new server or have never existed at all. By default these messages aren’t that helpful. Therefore, we believe that having a cool and creative Error 404 page in website including beautiful web design is as important as having great content. If you have an interesting 404 error page on your website or blog, you may have a second chance to re-engage your visitors by re-directing them to the home page, and if you do not have an error page that can show the quality of your web design then you might be thinking of creating one which can inspire everyone. So here are 50+ Wonderful and Creative Examples of 404 Error Pages in web design you must check out.

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About The Author
Hi my name is Chris, i'm a 18 year old Webdesign Student from Switzerland. I run the Design Blog Inspirebit.com You can Stalk me on Twitter @_collard

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