50+ beautiful Business Cards & Resources

Do you have a Creative Job?, Yes? well then you really need a Creative Business Card! It’s very important to have a special Business Card especially in a Creative Job. So check out these wonderful pieces of Paper and get Inspired!

This unique business card design was created by Fufurufo*. A design agency with a rather flash portfolio, definatly worth a look.

A lovely example of letterpress business card design, these were created for Sussana Ryan. The fonts used were Sserifa std and Adobe Garamond Pro.

This perfectly crafted business card was designed by Erich Hartmann, a web and print designer.

This business cards were designed by Zoo Studio, a multidisciplinary studio that creates entire projects of graphic design, multimedia, audiovisuals and advertising.

A Stunningly simple business card design by Hidden Creative, a web design and corporate identity design agency.

Orderin Business Cards were created by El Nido Design Studio, Oscar Diaz at El Nido Design Studio works as a designer includes doing concepts, designs, animations, graphics, photo retouching, web and more.

Dreamten Studios is the design studio of Philip Lester, a designer / developer with a passion for creating awesome websites, brands, and print work as well as providing excellent service to his customers.

These lovely business cards were created for Rhino Studio, a cinema studio offering 24.5 x 14 meters (80.3 x 45.9 ft) shooting area for all types of production.

These business cards were made for Kaab, a creative design and interactive media studio. Kaab is made up of three young professionals whose passion is the web!

These business cards were created by Linh Pham, a creative graphic designer, web designer a photographer.

Interactive Business Cards

Interactive Business Cards website

Gabriel Von Doscht

Gabriel Von Doscht found on creattica.com

Base One Business Cards

Base One Business Cards *personal Favourite*! found on creattica.com

Alan Valek Business Card

Alan Valek Business Card found on creattica.com

PVC Business Cards Mark Dijkstra

PVC Business Cards Mark Dijkstra found on creattica.com

Sandrine Abraham - Du Bout Des Yeux

Sandrine Abraham - Du Bout Des Yeux found on creattica.com

Digital Fish Business Card

Transparent PVC, light blue & silver foil.

Lunar Logic Polska - Planning poker

Lunar Logic Polska - Planning poker found on creattica.com


MIXTAPE GENERATION Business Card found on creattica.com

My personal card

adriana chionetti Buenos Aires, Argentina found on creattica.com


synchromatik found on creattica.com

Cia do Suco

Cia do Suco Fast Food

Nished Business Card

Business card for Nished. Nished is a play on a nickname Nish. Get Nished. @jasoncornish found on creattica.com

1scale1 business card

Lasercut business card with popout figure. If you like my work feel free to contact me at d.sjunnesson (at) 1scale1.com visit our blog at 1scale1.com found on creattica.com


Rebekka Markert Design found on creattica.com

Abatri creative studio business cards

Abatri creative studio business cards found on creattica.com


Pigmento: Design Studio found on creattica.com


spicydesign found on creattica.com

NationBuilder Pop-up Business Card

NationBuilder Pop-up Business Card found on creattica.com


Tarjeta con troquel y golpe seco found on creattica.com

NinjaBTL business card

NinjaBTL business card Created by advertising agency "Ninja BTL" wich is located in Lithuania. Business card wich look like a star, folded in origami folding way. found on creattica.com


Verbena x-small Business Cards found on creattica.com


LiFT Business Cards found on creattica.com

Styles Webbin

Styles Webbin These are the business cards for London based web design studio Styles Webbin. found on creattica.com

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About The Author
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