Interview with Alex Tass, Graphic Designer form Bucharest

Today we’ve got a very interesting interview with a great Graphic Designer from Bucharest, Alex Tass.
So Alex thanks so much for taking your Time and responding to my Questions! :) So lets start:

Q: What inspired you to become a designer and what makes you want to remain a designer?

A. First of all I have to start by thanking you Chris for considering me for this interview, i am really honored by the idea and your enthusiasm. – Thanks mate :)

A. To be honest it was not an intentional start, as i don’t have specific studies. There were 2 moments in my life that started this designer episode. One is related to my personal life, after a failed relationship i’ve needed something to invest my time, dreams and ambitions, and i’ve started doodling in various softwares, and this helped me get over it much easily. I am not even sure where the bad feelings ended as i was already fascinated by the new toys that captured all my time and attention. The second moment is related to a well-known dj from Romania that needed a website. Since i was a big fan of his mixes and radio shows i proposed myself to help him. Without any previous experience i’ve managed to finish his website in about 1 year :) , but i think this helped me in many ways, and i am still thankful that he got that patience. And so it started, at an unofficial level. About 2 years later (in march 2007), i was called to design some flyers for a new club in Bucharest. It was a difficult start as i had no experience in this either, but in time i’ve managed to understand what it takes to mix graphics and music / nightlife / clubbing. So there are 3 years now since i am working daily at something, especially logos and flyer/posters for electronic events. What makes me want to remain a designer? In a way, the other people’s work, it’s very inspiring to see great designers works. Music. I don’t know why but i am still relating music with design and it really makes me do it. And maybe the most important reason, passion for shapes and colors.

Q: Where are you Working at the moment?

A., Bucharest, Romania. Mostly at home, remotely.

Q: Mac or PC (and why? :) )

A. PC. I have started with it, and i am too used/familiar with it to do the transfer for now.

Q: Can you show us some of your favorite work you created until now?

Q: Where can we find you on the web?

A. On Google. :) ) Joking, well my website would be the first place to start with, and besides this on:

and many, many other logo design websites,

Q: Name a few of your favorite and most-visited websites of 2009/2010.

A. Well, that would be easy, as i love to, as i need to, the websites where i have profiles as again i need to, a friends (visual) blog because he always shares good stuffs, as it’s always interesting, one of my all time favorites websites, always fresh and always surprising, and i guess a very nice food and life related blog.

About The Author: chris

About The Author
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