Why You Should Be Using Twitter to Grow Your Design Business

Social media is here to stay for the foreseeable future like it or not. In addition, if you are not using these tools to grow your web design or graphic design business you are missing out on a huge opportunity. I have heard from numerous clients that they have had no measurable success using tools such as Twitter to increase there clientele.

I’m going to show you why and how to use Twitter and how it can help you grow your design business.

Get there first:

Even if you see no benefit in Twitter at all go and sign up your name. Twitter names are going fast and nothing will be worse then finding out the name you want is taken. Don’t plan to use twitter? Who cares. Go there, sign up, and get your name reserved just in case.

Creates “instant allies”:

The biggest and most over looked benefit of twitter is the fact that it creates instant allies. Twitter is faster then basically any other form of contact. If you add a new blog post, come out with a new product or service, or maybe you want people to Digg an article Twitter allows you to connect with users instantly and those twitter users can then spread your message and so on and so on. Do not under estimate the power of these instant allies.

Getting connected:


Not very good at sales or finding new clients for graphic design? Use the Twitter search tool and see who recently tweeted about having issues with the problems you solve. If you are a Word press designer do a search for people having problems with there word press website. You will be amazed at how many people tweet about these issues. This will allow you away to connect with them and in the future they could turn into a potential client.

Keep current:

Twitter allows you to keep tabs on your local scene and also what is going on in the designer world. Generally, before any news even hits the wire it can be found on Twitter.

Still don’t believe Twitter can benefit your business? At this point what do you really have to lose. Go out and get a Twitter account.

About The Author: madtowndesigns

About The Author
Jay is a 24 year old passionate blogger. He loves to blog about website design and search engine optimization. He currently works at Madison Web Design as one of there SEO experts. You can follow jay on twitter.

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